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Powerskin 2012 - Chapter 3 new rules

After 43 world records were broken at the 2009 World Championships in Rome - more than any previous Championships or Olympics - FINA banned hi-tech, full-body suits as of January 2010. After a decade of dramatic developments in swimsuit technology, the swimming world once again went through a major change.

Thanks to the work done 10 years previously, Arena 's R&D team was able to come up with another range of superior racing wear that complied with the new FINA rules. Using knitted and woven fabrics weighing as little as 125 g/m2, the 2010 Powerskin series included the ST, XP, Revo, Revo Plus, and the X-Glide.

At the top of the range, the X-Glide offered a hydro-repellent surface, optimal compression, minimum surface drag, and low-profile bonded seams.